Five Common Skin Care Mistakes

Here’s a list of the most common skin care mistakes and their effects on your skin. Avoiding these mistakes will definitely delay all the signs of aging. While some of these might come across as obvious, they’re still the most common mistakes made on a daily basis.

Smoking Tobacco is obviously harmful to your skin, the smoke will dry & dehydrate your skin which is a major cause of wrinkles. The most common wrinkles created from smoking are the vertical lines from the upper lip to the nose. Also known as smoker wrinkles. Fortunately, TRUE at Wolfson Medical Center in Las Vegas can easily treat smoker wrinkles with our Laser Skin Resurfacing Treatment & IPL Photofacial.

Not drinking enough water! Proper hydration is super important when it comes to maintaining youthful looking skin. To keep your skin properly hydrated you should be consistently drinking about 2 liters of water per day.

Lack of Sleep! While we are sleeping, our skin is constantly repairing itself and if you’re not getting enough sleep each night then you’re not allowing your skin to properly rejuvenate. This accelerates all the skins of skin aging. The amount of sleep we need ultimately varies but most adults will generally need between 7 to 8 hours of sleep per night to allow their skin to properly repair itself.

Sleeping in your makeup! It’s extremely important that you remove all of your makeup & properly clean your face each night before going to sleep. If you don’t then you’re leaving yourself open to clogged pores that can lead to an acne breakout.

Not protecting your skin against the sun! Sun Damaged skin is common here in Las Vegas and we can treat sun damaged skin with our IPL Photofacials. Too much exposure from the sun causes the skin prematurely age and can be the cause of many skin conditions. It’s Vital that in Las Vegas that you protect yourself at all times when you go out into the sun and use sun cream everyday, even if it’s cloudy.

TRUE at Wolfson Medical Center is a Laser Clinic and Skin Rejuvenation MediSpa that specializes in keeping your skin healthy and youthful looking in Las Vegas. For a full list of our treatments, click here.

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