Non-Surgical Face Lift?

With all of the invasive procedures, injectables, chemicals, and countless lotions and potions available in the market that claim to counteract the signs of ageing, a simple solution that delivers instant and visible results is our new TempSure Envi treatment.

The non-surgical answer to an instant face-lift and beautiful looking skin, TempSure Envi is a revolutionary treatment that works to minimise fine lines and wrinkles, instantly lift and tighten the skin, reduce the appearance of pores, and target cellulite on the body.

FDA cleared, TempSure Envi utilises intelligent skin tightening radiofrequency technology to safely and non-invasively heat the deepest layers of the skin to regenerate collagen and improve the appearance of wrinkles including forehead lines, frown lines, crow’s feet, smile lines and wrinkles on the chin.

In comparison to anti-ageing treatments such as botox and fillers that temporarily tighten and plump the skin, TempSure Envi works to gently heat your skin beyond the superficial layers to trigger your body’s natural response to produce new collagen and increase cell renewal.

botox and fillers are only a makeshift solution, “Over time we are losing collagen reasonably rapidly, and whenever we’re doing things like botox or fillers it’s really just a band-aid solution, because none of that is addressing the collagen loss. So what this (TempSure Envi) does is completes an overall holistic approach to positive ageing. By simulating collagen, it’s improving the wrinkles, cellulite and volume loss by causing a plumping effect.”

Further to this, TempSure Envi can be used on all skin types and is recognised as a gentle and comfortable treatment. TempSure Envi is Radiofrequency based, it can be safely used on everyone.

TempSure Envi has been carefully designed to provide you with a comfortable and effective treatment every time. During the facial treatment a gentle warming and soothing sensation around the target area will be experienced that is often described as a warm stone massage. 99% of patients have reported the treatment to be pain-free with only a slight redness visible on the skin after treatment.

The results are instantaneous and long-term and you will leave your treatment with a visible glow and a tightened feeling. For more information, contact us today.

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