Where should I get laser hair removal and why is winter the best time to start?

Most patients don’t think about laser hair removal until summer time when they’re going to the pool or beach and enjoying the sun, probably one of the only times of the year that their legs and underarms will be showing in public.

Prepare for summer during the winter months and you’ll be pool ready on day one of summer. Getting one treatment every four weeks throughout the winter will leave you with silky smooth legs and underarms just in time for spring and summer.

Have you been considering laser hair removal? Shaving, waxing, and other hair removal options can be painful, irritating to the skin, and cost hundreds of dollars per year every year. Laser hair removal is a great way to limit or eventually eliminate shaving altogether, saving you time, money, and improving the condition of your skin.

In order for your hair follicles to be completely destroyed it could take 3-4 treatments spaced out about a month apart. If you wait until spring to start your laser hair removal treatments, you’re going to miss out on having smooth skin ready for summer.

The 3 most common Laser Hair Removal areas for Men

Men who have a lot of body hair can get self-conscious about it while other men are not self-conscious at all about their body hair but still want it removed for athletic or aesthetic reasons.


Who likes a hairy back? Almost no one in the entire world, but there are a lot of men out there who have this problem. Obviously there are a lot of different methods out there for hair removal, you can wax, which can be super painful and hard on the skin, causing clogged pores or back acne. You could shave but good luck reaching every area! Laser hair removal is without a doubt the best way to treat this area.

Chest & Stomach

For some men, chest hair isn’t exactly flattering or it grows in patches and doesn’t look pleasing for some men or to their partners. Many men & their partners prefer the feel of smooth skin to sharp coarse hair on the chest area. Most men will agree that shaving their chest or stomach is a chore. Having that hair permanently reduced and enjoying that fresh shaved feeling without the trouble of shaving is now possible and laser hair removal makes it easy.

Head & Neck

Trimming or shaving hair on or around the facial area can be an extremely tedious task, for example some men can get hair where they find it really annoying. Pesky stray hairs growing on the back of the neck or behind the ears etc. can all be treated. Make your grooming routine infinitely easier and less time consuming with laser hair removal.

The 3 most common Laser Hair Removal areas for Women


The one area that all women seem to shave is their legs. You are more likely to show off your legs in Las Vegas when the weather is hot for a larger part of the year. If you don’t want to have to shave or wax your legs every other day to stay smooth, laser hair removal is a great alternative.


It can be uncomfortable and embarrassing for women to have underarm hair and with the skin under the arms being way more sensitive than the legs for example, it can be a real chore. Laser hair removal for your underarms is a complete game changer.

Bikini Line

This area is also very sensitive and shaving or waxing can & will usually irritate your skin in some way shape or form and once again, laser hair removal is much more effective and more comfortable.

If you are ready to start your laser hair removal treatments this winter, contact TRUE at Wolfson Medical Center today for more information or schedule your free consultation online.

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