WarmSculpting (SculpSure)


SculpSure Warm Sculpting is a laser body contouring fat loss treatment. If you’ve tried diets and exercise but still have stubborn areas of fat that you just can’t seem to get rid of SculpSure is right for you.


Warm Sculpting can perform laser fat loss on any of the following areas; Stomach, Waist, Love Handles, Flanks, Neck, Chin, Inner thighs & Outer thighs.


This clinically proven, non-surgical fat loss treatment is FDA approved and uses medical grade laser energy to permanently destroy stubborn and unwanted fat from the body whilst tightening the skin. Once the fat cells are treated, they are gone for good! If you’re looking for a kick start to a healthy lifestyle, Warm Sculpting could be perfect for you.


How does it work? 

Each SculpSure treatment gets rid of about 25% of fat cells in the treated area by penetrating pockets of fat and delivering bursts of warm laser energy, followed by a cooling therapy.


Warm Sculpting is a safe and non-invasive laser treatment. While delivering laser energy to damage fat cells, nearby tissues are left unharmed. Once the fat cells have been treated, your body’s own lymphatic system will excrete the fat naturally over the course of 6 weeks. After your treatment, it is important to massage the treated area once per day to maximize your results.

Before And After WarmSculpting at The Wo
SculpSure Warm Sculpting Before & After

When will I see the results?


Patients will begin to notice a visible slimming and toning around the treated area in around 4-6 weeks. We see the best results when a patient maintains their weight and follows a healthy routine. If you’re preparing for a special event such as a vacation or wedding we would generally recommend to begin your treatments 3 months before the event.  


How many treatments will I need? 


You will need to schedule a consultation to determine how many treatments you will need. The amount of treatments depends on your goals and commitment to those goals. After discussing the areas you would like to have treated, we examine the area and calculate your body mass index (BMI) to ensure that SculpSure is right for you. Generally 1-3 treatments are recommended per area to maximize your results. 


What to expect during your treatment


Depending on the size of the treatment area 1-4 applicators are attached and secured to your body throughout the procedure. During your treatment, you can relax & read or nap. SculpSure is a non-invasive body contouring treatment and there is no need for numbing of the area or anesthesia. 




Each Warm Sculpting treatment takes just 25 minutes to perform.


Does Warm Sculpting Hurt?


SculpSure is a laser body contouring treatment that alternates between delivering a cooling effect to the treatment area before delivering the heat of the laser to your skin. Some clients feel a recurring tingling or pinching sensation throughout the treatment as the device targets your fat cells. These sensations are generally mild and very well tolerated.  


When can I resume normal activity? 


There is absolutely no downtime involved with Warm Sculpting and patients are free to resume all normal activities immediately after their procedure. This is what makes Laser Body Contouring so unique. You’re even able to come in for your Warm Sculpting treatment during your lunch break and immediately resume the rest of your daily routine. It really is the ideal way to sculpt your body.


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SculpSure Warm Sculpting Testimonials

Hear how WarmSculpting changed Brooke Shields life and how she uses SculpSure to help her feel confident.

Warm Sculpting Vs. Cool Sculpting

Both WarmSculpting and CoolSculpting are non-surgical treatments which destroy subcutaneous fat cells.


Both treatments are also FDA cleared and are a much safer alternative to liposuction.


WarmSculpting requires a shorter treatment time and is more versatile than CoolSculpting because it can target multiple areas of fat.


CoolSculpting can only treat pinch-able areas of fat on the body that can be vacuumed into the applicator and only a single applicator can be used to target one pocket of unwanted fat.


During a CoolSculpting treatment there is often numbness, possible nerve damage to the treated area and bruising. Warm Sculpting avoids all of these issues.


For more information on Warm Sculpting Vs. CoolSculpting check out our blog post here.


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